How to Get Your Kids to Like Hemp Based Foods

The health-conscious parent knows that getting your child to eat anything good for them can be an exercise in frustration, especially if they tend to spoil their appetite throughout the day with snacks. With the current global climate as it is, many parents have found that having their children at home all day is a bit more of a hassle than they’re used to – that goes double for those kids still in grade school and running on what feels like infinite energy! If you want to keep your children in shape and help them get used to some healthier foods (and therefore a healthier lifestyle), try these simple tips and tricks to introduce them to a hemp-based diet.

  • Experiment and Start Small. – Don’t force them to swap over to a hemp-focused diet all at once; start off small and work your way up as they get used to it. Begin with things like hemp seeds as an alternative snack!
  • Classic Foods with a Twist! – You can make old favorites by using classic recipes with hemp products in order to ensure that your kids are still eating something they’re used to. For example, you can go for a delicious hemp pecan pie, using Hemp Hearts by Hemp & Fork, as a nice desert dish.
  • Substitute! – Mix up more tried and true recipes by using hemp, subbing normal dairy products for some hemp seed milk when called for.

Overall, you’ll have an easier time helping your child adapt to a hemp-based diet simply by adapting to their nutritional needs, making sure that they enjoy your experiments as much as you’ll enjoy making them. Good luck!


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