February is the month most commonly associated with love and the heart. Fittingly, it’s also National Heart Association Month. For those of you adhering to a strict diet, whether it be vegan or hemp-based specifically, you may believe yourself to be in decent shape already.

However, there are quite a few additional benefits of adding hemp hearts, like those provided from Hemp&fork, to your diet that you may not have originally been aware of! Here, we’ll be going over just a few of the possibilities that come from simply making hemp hearts a regular part of your meals and recipes.

Hemp Can Decrease Bad Cholesterol

Whole hemp seeds contain a high content of soluble and insoluble fiber that aids in digestion. This fiber is also credited with helping decrease bad cholesterol levels while improving overall heart health. Hemp seeds are also noted to have the perfect ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (3:1) for optimal heart health.

A Hemp-Based Diet Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Hemp contains chemicals similar to the prescription drugs prescribed for irregular heartbeats and heart failure. The benefits of these chemical compounds include the ability to lower blood pressure and slow heart rates. The chemicals can also increase the strength of the heartbeat.

Help Reduce Risk The Risk Of Heart Disease With A Hemp Diet

Not only are they good with fighting chronic issues hemp hearts are also rich in a number of invaluable amino acids, one of which is arginine (otherwise known as L-arginine). This amino acid is used by the body for everything from migraines to maintaining immune functions. It is perhaps most important, however, in that it produces nitric oxide, a molecule that dilates the blood vessels and, in turn, prevents harmful cardiac conditions and blockages.

Increases Useful Vitamins, Minerals And Nutrients

Hemp hearts live up to their name while providing vitamins and minerals that aid in overall heart health. Among the useful components is magnesium which is good for regulating heartbeats and the prevention of coronary disease. The presence of Linoleic acid has been noted to reduce cholesterol levels, while antioxidants like vitamin E shield the cardiovascular system from damage. There may also be positive effects on the reduction of atherosclerosis.

There is a multitude of benefits to adding hemp hearts to your diet that you might not have been aware of, including their reputation as a superfood. It should come as no surprise that hemp hearts are a perfect addition to your meals not just for National Heart Association Month, but for your nutritional needs every month.

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